Parenting is hard! All parents worry about their parenting and their relationship with their children. Whilst there is no such thing as perfect parenting, the good news is that we can all learn to parent more effectively, and be less stressed as a result. I am particularly passionate about helping parents to become more confident and adept at bringing up their children, and have significant experience in a range of parenting support and coaching programmes.

When working with parents I complete an assessment to find out about the difficulties you are having with your child or young person, the strategies you have already tried, including those that have not worked and those you have found to be effective.

As part of the assessment I may suggest we do an observation in your home or sometimes I use video feedback to complement the work.

There are a number of parenting models and strategies that we can try in order bring about change. Often its a matter of doing a few simple things well that will makes a big difference.